I’m doing my end of year planning for 2011, and as I do every year, I struggle to carve out time for creative work, while trying to satisfy the demands of my work life. Writing, for instance, requires a lot of time for cooking and cogitating. It just can’t be done between 2 and 3 on Thursday afternoon. It needs long stretches of uninterrupted time.

There are some wonderful sites out there that offer tips on productivity, not just how to get things done, but how to carve out time for creative work, work that requires time to think, ponder, stew and meditate. The site http://the99percent.com/ is full of articles on creative productivity, or how to make creative ideas happen. Another great source of inspiration is the work of Jason Fried, co-founder of 37Signals (I’m a huge fan of their web-based applications Basecamp for project management and Backpack, their tricked-out to-do list application). Fried is also something of a social activist intent on changing the landscape of the work place, and challenging the status quo on how work gets done, and how it can be restructured to allow for more creativity and productivity. He wrote Rework, and recently gave this Ted Talk on “Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work.”

What are your secrets for being more creatively productive?