I’ve been a bit absent. I was offline and away for a week on Cycle Oregon. I didn’t realize that while I was on a break, my website took one as well. While I was happily pedaling along, offline and out of touch, my website was shut down because of a security breach. My emails bounced for a couple of days before I found out about it. And when I did, there wasn’t much I could do. That was just the beginning of a week of woes. On the way home, an inattentive gas attendant put unleaded gas into my diesel tank, and 30 miles later my Jetta politely but firmly informed me it would not run on unleaded gasoline. We had to be towed 90 miles into Portland, and my car took a few days to fix, could have been a lot worse.

So, I am back, so is my website, my car is back in service. But it’s good to be reminded by what fragile threads are lives are kept together. In my case, it wasn’t very essential things that fell apart; annoying, but basically not harmful. It could have been much worse.

Having my website go down also made me mindful of and appreciative for you readers who follow this blog, and those who occasionally peak in. Thank you. You make the discussion richer, and make writing a more enjoyable task.

I have a few posts I’m working on, and look forward to getting back in action soon!