I’m up on Gabriola Institute, delivering the Conscious Use of Power module with the Inner Activist team. It’s been an intense few days so far, working through challenges  of power, bias, marginalization, oppression and privilege (whew!), with a group of 20+ social change activists and innovators. It’s a real privilege to work with the group and with my fellow facilitators, Natasha Aruliah, Shakil Choudhury, Ian Curtin and Camille Drummond, highly  skilled anti-oppression educators, educators, and facilitators.

Rather than write about it myself, I’d like to share at least a piece of the work from the perspective of one of the  participants, Aalya Ahmad, an activist and academic, who posted this video about dealing with disturbance. By the way, I’m the “busy facilitator” she is referring to at the beginning of the video.