Oh heck. I can’t resist the end of year temptation to offer my own Top 10 list.

I’m not sure whether it’s the pull of nostalgia or just plain narcissism but I’ve enjoyed looking over my writing from the past year. I can see it’s been a year of turmoil, a big year of personal learning, and also a year of clarifying and deepening my thinking on a number of subjects.

So, these are some of my favorite, and some of your favorite posts from the last year – as judged by the number of page hits and comments.


Grit_Web1The snap, crackle and pop of neural activity is a lot easier and more fun than the hard slog of expressing it, breaking it down, and making the to-do steps.

From: How To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality? Bury Them First


Finding out who you are is not so easy, but living it on purpose, is even harder. And as a leader, it’s even harder still. Outloud

From: Leading Out Loud


In this video I talk about collaboration, teamwork, and the tyrants on our teams we have to watch out for (hint: the worst tyrants aren’t any of the people). From: Do These Tryants Block Your Teamwork? 



big and smallNo matter how high one’s rank, leaders at every level are quick to admit to a lack of power. From Privilege, Power and The Pull of Powerlessness 




Whatever it is, the best skill is some attitude towards conflict that fortifies you, gets you past your fear, edges, shame, and anxiety. discover

From The One Conflict Skill You’ll Ever Need




The funny things that happen between knowing and doing, between theory and application. From Between Knowing Doing



Racism is like Hydra, the serpent of myth, who grows a head each time one is cut off.

From The Tragedy of Michael Brown and the Criminalization of Color Michael Brown image






I tguernica-picasso-painting-meaninghink living one’s anger constructively is an art form. From Talking Your Anger




Death takes away something you love and leaves you with a reminder of your own mortality.  From The Cost of Our Nature death





This is one of the least talked about parts of leadership: not feeling up to it. From The Fight Club of Leadership