Power Corrupts—Absolutely, But Not Inevitably

Power: A User’s Guide is enormously helpful both to those in positions of power and those who wish to be. I highly recommend it!”– Marshall Goldsmith
A Thinkers 50 Top Ten Global Business Thinker and New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers

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Why do some people abuse power while others don’t? From bosses to parents, politicians to protesters, power is in the hands of everyone, everywhere. And yet we struggle to use and understand it. We need a better approach to power. People want to use their power more effectively, to make an impact, to work across difference, and to solve our complex social problems. But when we use power poorly, those around us suffer and become disengaged. As a result, we lose their valuable contributions. This book synthesizes my interactions with leaders around the world. It’s a guide for everyone in every position of authority. Think of it as a “driver’s ed” for power, designed to help you discover and use your power fully, creatively, and responsibly. It will teach you how to develop your authority and find the inner strength within: your personal power.

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Power: A User's Guide