What’s New?

What's new? Well, for a start, I've started blogging again. But not here, over at my new site, Diamond Leadership. I hope you'll join me there. If you're subscribed to this blog, you'll automatically be subscribed to my new one. I've also started a new monthly...

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Leadership Through The Lens of Power

“How many world leaders do you think are just completely out of their mind?” So asked Jerry Seinfeld, the famed stand-up comic, to Barack Obama in a 2015 episode of  “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” This starts them off on a funny and insightful discussion about...

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Zigging Zagging into the New Year

Forty years later I can still remember how disappointed I felt when Joni Mitchell released her newest album, Hejira. I didn’t like it at all. I didn’t want jazz; I wanted another Blue, another Court and Spark. I wanted the Joni Mitchell I knew and loved. So we broke...

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That’s a Wrap

I have a confession. I said back in June that I was going to take a sabbatical, work on other projects, and come back to the blog. Well, I wouldn’t say I lied exactly, because I did intend to do just that. But, it’s become clear in the meantime that it’s time for me...

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What Do Trump Supporters and Opponents Agree On?

It’s a well-worn cliché that our perceptions are subjective. The parable of the five blind men and elephant, each one touching a different part of the animal’s body, convinced that their tactile experience captures the whole, is an apt metaphor for the U.S....

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Beyond Ethics: Power in the helping professions

When I was working as a therapist, I often asked myself about the future of psychotherapy. I even wrote an article about it in 2000, called Five Predictions on the Future of Psychotherapy. In it, I said that the paternalistic doctor-patient model will be replaced by a...

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When the “Open Door” Isn’t

Several years ago I coached a leader and her team. They had hired two new team members and thought everything was going well. The new hires had great skills and good attitudes; they were easy to get along with, and seemed to gel with the organizational culture. Yet,...

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Hot Off The Press! Power: A User’s Guide

I’m thrilled to announce that my new book, Power: A User’s Guide, published by Belly Song Press, is now available. It’s available online here, and will be in stores March 2016. As I wrote here in the fall, this book has been a long time in the making—my first draft...

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