You probably noticed that things have changed around here. Welcome to my new site.

As you can see, a big feature of the new is my book, Power: A User’s Guide, coming in February 2016. This book has been a long time in the making—I just looked back over my documents and saw that I wrote the first draft in January of 2006—so it’s been ten years, in fact. That’s a fairly long time, but it takes a long time for ideas to mature and develop. This blog has been an important part of that development: two years after the first draft, in April 2008, I decided to start blogging as a platform to explore ideas about power and leadership with others.

Back then, I had no idea how much my blogging experience would influence Power: A User’s Guide. It truly is a culmination of the topics and experiences I’ve written about here, everything we’ve explored together.

I may be in an afterglow state, but I have to say that I loved writing this book. I loved the challenge of making concepts practical, of putting the pieces of the “power puzzle” together, of figuring out how the whole thing worked. I loved being able to draw upon years of working with groups, teams, and clients; of blog posts, articles, and various curricula; pulling it all together, harvesting examples, stories, and illustrating it. And, as I wrote a few months ago, I loved having a deadline.

I am fortunate to have had amazing help with the book, and with this site. Lisa Blair and David Bedrick at Belly Song Press combine traits that often aren’t compatible: a meticulous attention to detail and a vivacious sense of humor. Both are extremely professional and friendly, extremely knowledgeable about the process and also very funny, encouraging yet also demanding (in the best way possible!). Matt Lurie, my editor, content specialist, and social media guru, has been indispensable in the process from start to finish. Jim Parker did a brilliant job designing this site, along with Tina Granzo, who programmed it more quickly than I’ve ever seen anyone do it!

Finally, I love that this site puts my projects together under one umbrella: The Power² Leaderlab, a leadership program for women leaders, as well as Coaching for Power Intelligence, my new training on coaching high power individuals. More exciting projects are on the way soon, and I look forward to featuring them here and sharing them with you all as well.

I hope you found this new site as marvelous as I do. I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Thank you for visiting, and let me know what you think!